LG WHITE: Mary Had a Little Lamb

LG White is a Dutch artist who has been based in the UK since 2010. Her work references her life, experiences and surroundings, and is heavily inspired by her love of poetry, literature, and music.

She creates striking works across several mediums, including finely detailed pencil drawings, masterful screen prints, and photo etchings. White enjoys working on bigger pieces and on a larger scale and loves to explore new media, embracing technological advances.

A musician with the band theAnd, in which she performs with husband and collaborator, composer Simon Boswell, White often sees a tune as the beginning of a piece of art. “ the lyrics, the sadness, the emotion of how the song is performed” will grow into a picture.

White describes herself as a “very eclectic character”, passionate about adventure and learning.
As a result the inspiration behind her art is broad and varied, from history, news, and politics, to mathematics and neurology. White is a philosophical and politically driven artist, deeply absorbed by questions of existence and meaning. In an interview with Unfolded Magazine, White explained “Politics is always very important to me and everything that I am trying to do brings a subtle message.”

LG White has exhibited widely in Europe and the States, and at Sprigg Gallery, she presents a series of photographic pieces which continue to develop her classical and absurdist themes. The images are rich with invention and strewn with references to history, philosophy, and pop culture.

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