Love Letters to Lost Lovers (2018)

Love Letters to Lost Lovers is a group exhibition project curated by Ryan Lanji featuring works submitted by a collective of artists, creatives, as well as people from all walks of life. From Hemingway to Oscar Wilde, hand written love letters have proven to be one of the most romantic and revered way of expressing emotions and in this age of scrolling and swiping curator Ryan Lanji wanted to invite people back to the powerful way of thinking and processing. Kreativ House unveil a touching exhibition that showcase themes related to love and loss, these handwritten letters are a swan song to love of all different kinds. Whether it is a final shout to the one that got away, a thank you to someone who showed you the way, Love Letters to Lost Lovers will be a harmonious room for love, appreciation and most importantly closure.

Exhibition Run: 1 Feb - 24 Feb 2018


Exhibition information

About Ryan Lanji

Ryan Lanji is a Fashion & Art Curator based in East London, his curatorial practice fuses together fine art, beauty and fashion establishing himself as creative director that blurs the boundaries between curator, director and designer. His enfant terrible nature and Guerilla style exhibition-making help transform his exhibitions into installations, with the audience invited into a multi-sensorial space creating unforgettable events. His curatorial direction on shows, PR events, collaborations and launches have led to global recognition in both fashion and art. As well as working alongside established companies and brands, Lanji champions underground artists, independent designers and makers.