Just The Tips: Portraits (2018)

Curated by Ryan Lanji Just The Tips: Portraits is a collection of thirty-plus illustrations forming a mosaic of East London’s superstars and emerging faces who collaborate and party at London’s infamous watering hole The Glory Pub and the destination club night Sink the Pink. In 2016, Smith found himself scrolling social media when he decided to draw, using his niece’s felt tips, some of his long-time friends, colleagues and collaborators. This ever-expanding collection of drawings now stands as a time capsule of the East London LGBTQ scene.

Exhibition information

About Julian Smith

Julian Smith, otherwise known as Jacqui Potato, is a drag performer, multi-disciplinary creative and alt-artist. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2002, Smith quickly collated an impressive fashion portfolio whilst performing as drag queen Jacqui Potato in East London’s club scene. The underground icon is now channelling his artistic roots with a new exhibit Just The Tips: Portraits.